Courtney Downing, AKA "Dang She Fine!", poses for a portrait. Dang is a jammer for the Roc City Roller Derby Roc Stars.

Angel Jimerson, 19, poses for a portrait outside the Iroquois White Corn Project in Victor, NY on Oct. 1, 2017. The goal of the White Corn Project is to restore the farming, consumption, and distribution of traditional Iroquois White Corn to the Native American community and bring it to the greater community at large. Jimerson, who joined the project when he was 14, is now the production manager and works alongside his aunt and uncle to run a youth group at the project for teens 16 to 20 experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Together they process and clean the corn using traditional Haudenosaunee methods.

Penny Sterling is a transgender female performer, writer and comedian known for her one-woman show, 'Spy in the House of Men'. “I would like to be able to go around, and just by telling my stories, demystify what it means to be transgender.” she says.

Stephanie Chan, 3D Digital Designer and student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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