I use video not only as a documentary form, but also as a form of creative expression to process my thoughts and reflect on personal experiences. Below are experimental videos that explore some conceptual ideas. I have an interest in the post-modern and how technology intersects with our relationships and interactions with day-to-day life.
Exploring the concept of what it means to be left and the feelings associated with being left. 
1. on, toward, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing that is to the west when the person or thing is facing north.
1. go away from.
2. allow to remain.
3. cause (someone or something) to be in a particular state or position.
This video, inspired by Duane Michal's photo sequence 'Chance Meeting', was created to illustrate the feelings you experience in a chance meeting with a stranger on the street. In public spaces, we often make eye contact or have brief, quiet interactions with unknown people, an acknowledgement of our human existence. For a moment, you establish a connection. Even though we only know them for that short time, you get a sense of who they are at an intrinsic level from nuanced movement and synergy.
Video collage exploring how malls have evolved over time, and how the age of the internet is rendering them obsolete.
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