Roc City Roller Derby
Roc City Roller Derby is the first all-women flat track derby team in Rochester, NY. Each skater has a unique derby name and experience of the sport and community. Listen as the skaters describe what derby culture means to them while you view the warm up and scrimmage in 360 degrees.
Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor 
CIAS Student Profiles: New Media Design (draft)
Abigail Lee, Ethelia Lung, and Sam Tochelli discuss their New Media capstone Team Projects, which involve collaboration between New Media Design and New Media Development majors to create an interactive experience. Team members share their experiences with problem solving, team work, and creating their first built-out project. Teams work all year on their projects and present them at Imagine RIT.
Roles: Team member, Editor (in collaboration with David Lopez and Ian Loomis) 
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